LEST Talk 

Let's Enjoy Science Together!

LEST (Let's Enjoy Science Together) Talk is a community podcast that provides a platform for scientists from all around the world to share inspiring stories and scientific discoveries. This program is aired on YouTube.

Program Objectives

"LEST Talk S3 Coming SOON!" 

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Alexa Fredston (Ph.D) 

Quantitative Ecologist

Rutgers University

Lauren Alteio (Ph.D)

Soil Scientist

University of Vienna 

Kadambari Devarajan's (Ph.D) 

Environmental Conservationist

University of Rhode Island

Previous: Speakers for LEST Talk S1

Laura Figueroa (Ph.D)


Cornell University/UMASS, Amherst

Abhishek Kumar (Ph.D)

Environmental Conservationist

UMASS, Amherst

Isaac Antwi (Ph.D)


Yale University

Uche Anyanwagu (MD, PhD, MRSPH)

Clinical Epidemiologist

Ep7 & Ep8

Jessanne Lichtenberg (MS)

Biomedical Engineer

Virginia Commonwealth University

Ep9 & Ep10

We invite all scientists who share in the vision of inspiring young ones and are willing to share their science, struggles, achievements, and inspirations. Kindly contact us via email at "ekoglobalfoundation@gmail.com" and we will ensure to follow up with you!

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